Automatic Ladle Machine

Price : INR 300,000.00 / 900000 Piece(s)

Automatic Ladle Machine is a device which is used to transfer the molten metal from crucible to mold without manual irruption. The Automatic Ladle Machine, offered by us, features excellent tensile strength, periodicity, elongation and hardness of casting. Also, it ensures consistency in metal temperature. Our Automatic Ladle Machine helps in increasing the production rate owing to its high grade fabrication.

Additional Information

Product Code Al 2
Min. Order Quantity 1 Set(s)
Port Mumbai
Payment Terms T/T
Delivery Time 4to 5 week
Packaging Details Sea worthy packing As per suggestion

Technical Specifications

Model Cam001 Cam002 Cam003 Cam004
Suitable die casting machine 100-250T 300-420T 500-800T 1000-1200T
Pouring capacity 0.3-2kg 1.0-3.5kg 1.5-4.5kg 2.5-8.0kg
Pouring Accuracy ±1.8% ±1.8% ±1.8% ±1.8%
Pouring Speed  Max.12sec Max.15sec Max.18sec Max.18sec
inside diameter of crucible 450mm 480mm 550mm 550mm
Filling Depth 370mm 370mm 380mm 470mm
Arm Speed 400W  - 750W -
Power supply AC200W   AC400W  
Power supply 3φ-420V 50-60HZ
Operating power supply DC24Vor 110 v
Power Capacity 1KVA
Weight of machine 300KG 340KG 380KG 400KG